Bobbybilt Rhino Factory in Oxnard, California (above)

Dallas Mavericks using our bobbybilt trikes for a race during half time (above)

We enjoy receiving our customer's pictures!

Bobbybilt Rhino has been a local Californian manufacturer of tough scooters, tricycles, trikes and stroller wagons for 27 years. Our unique, well-designed and heavy duty products are great for outdoor exercise, fitness, camping, picnic or weekend garden work for you and your family. Bobbybilt Rhino products are difficult to be found in any area, as they are not mass produced. Bobbybilt Rhino Scooters, Tricycles and Stroller Wagons have been hand crafted; therefore, the quantity is limited, but the quality is unbeatable. Most of the parts are manufactured and manually assembled in Southern California. 

Bobbybilt Rhino California is fairly small manufacturer, which allows us to put our customers first and to proudly ship our best hand-made, high-quality, heavy duty transportation toys for people with distinctive tastes. Due to the hand-made production, extra lead time is sometimes necessary.

When you receive your Bobbybilt Rhino Scooter, Tricycle, or Stroller Wagon, you do not have to go through the hassle of putting the parts together. Most of the parts are pre-assembled before shipping. If you order a Rhino Scooter or Tricycle, you just attach the handle assembly and rear tires. If you have ordered the Bobbybilt Stroller Wagon, you just attach the tires and T-handle bar. You may be surprised when you receive the Bobbybilt Rhino products because they are packed in a huge box called over-sized boxes shipped by FedEx Ground, which we usually use. To ship these boxes with heavy products is expensive. However, it will save lots of time.

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