Our 'All Terrain Scooter' pictured above and below

Now you and your dog can have some fun outdoors on our All-Terrain Rhino Scooter! Many of our dog-loving customers who don't live near snow enjoy a similar sport to dog sledding called dog scooter. And those who do dog sled can train and have fun dog scootering with their Siberian Huskys, Giant Schnauzer, and Alaskin Malamute dogs during summer! To view/purchase scooters please click the Bobbybilt Scooter link.

Nicole with her dogs and dog sled (above) Click to Visit her webpage

Some customer comments: 

  • Ann Steer and Havoc (1-dog skijoring ISDRA bronze-medallists) First Message: "Have just ordered a red all-terrain scooter from you based on my friend Heather recommendations.  I too will be using it for dog scootering behind my rocket dog."
  • Second Message: "Certainly, I borrowed Heather scooter for a feature that was done on us for the Discovery Channel.  It will not air until sometime next year. But the film crew was really impressed with both the dog and the scooter! Eat one point  Havoc pulled me on the scooter with the cameraman crouched down in front of  me on the scooter as well and we were flying ! I get a kick out of those comments who say brakes are fine I just use voice to slow down my dog, E Ha!. when you have rocket dog you need to be able to add some resistance so that the dog knows you mean business when you say hoa!  Thanks for your efforts to get it there as soon as possible." -Ann Steer and Havoc (1-dog skijoring ISDRA bronze-medallists) http://www.isdra.org/  International Sled Dog Association
  • "I have had a couple of chances to try out the ATV (All Terrain) scooter so far. The rear step-on brake makes a really nice gentle drag brake (speed reducer). From looking at the pictures, I thought it would be hard to step on the rear brake and make a nice even pressure to control the dogs speed. In reality, it is quite comfortable to stand on the scooter with pressure on the brake. Works great. I can stand on it with all my weight (115 lbs.), and we are still moving if the dogs are motivated. If we are on the gentle downhill, the dogs don even slow down to a trot-they are still at a run with me standing on the brake. My two dogs are 56 lbs. (retriever) and 52 lbs. (short haired pointer mix)." -Heather in Ottawa, Canada, 

  • "Just wanted you to know I am enjoying my scooter and will send pictures of my dog pulling me as soon as they are developed. I scooter with two Siberian Husky sled dogs, and our biggest problem is that the weather is too warm for these dogs to work hard. In the fall when the temperature is closer to 50F we will be able to go faster and farther. The brakes are working great for me. I use it to keep the scooter from hitting the dogs when they slow down or stop. I never try to slow the dogs down with the brake, because I use voice commands for slowing down and stopping. My friends and I are impressed with how well this scooter handles in loose gravel and on trails with big rocks. It is very solid, and I do not worry about it coming apart on even the roughest rides. The only thing I have added to the scooter are reflectors and a flashing red light on the front. I run the scooter on public roads, and need to be seen by cars and people who are walking. I will write again later."  -Jane

Our 'Dually ATV scooter' (above&below)

'Slick scooter' pictured above and below
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